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Recent Update 1/14/23

School is Open!

Hello All,

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!!

I would to give you updates on Deaf Haiti.

I continued to keep in touch and staying touch with Jacob/Donalt on weekly basis or every other day!!

Last month, as you know school resumed which went very well.  They had a chance to have fun lunch to celebrate Christmas on December 22nd.   Several kids went home for Christmas/New Years.  Few stayed at school through the holidays. 

School was resumed last Monday, January 9th.  Now there are 23 Deaf Students currently enrolled at school.  Five new students are there now as well.  Photo of those will come this week. 

The Deaf Church/School had their fun January 1st Meal to get together to worship, pray, gospel sharing, cooking, serving, and fellowshipping time. 

Donalt has been helping out overseeing the agriculture crops growing on the fields along with few staff to teach, monitor, showed how to care of it.  You see the photos of the vegetables/fruits/rices were from the local nearby markets that that they were to able to get at a good lower price.

Donalt and staff are currently working on creating an guard shack tower to overlook the front gates to see who is coming to the gates for security reason of who can enter and who cannot enter.

Also, they were able to get new blackboards set up and fixed up for the four classes to use due to the previous blackboard is all worn out from years of using it.  They are in need of 2 or 4 more of those.  But they will wait on that for their budget  managing to be wise on spending and using it for food supplies. 

The ongoing situation with chaos, gang-controlled, road-blocks, etc…continued to be the same especially in Port-as-Prince and outer suburbs of P-au-P is where the worst is due to about 70% controlled by the gangs….

The city of Cayes where our school/church is located remains in calm. Which is positive sign at this moment.  Donalt/Jacob were able to get around to get food supplies and few necessities needs to keep the daily operation going. 

Jacob/Donalt/The Staff wishes you all a Happy New Years!!  And Hugely giving Thanks for all of your support with their needs.  They are amazed with your faithful support.  They are humbled with this.

Bless you all ,


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