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“God gives vision and passion to His people”

Numbers 12:6


That very passion from Numbers 12:6 was given to Pastor Jacob,  as well as other Deaf leaders, to build a Deaf Church and school in Les Cayes, Haiti over 20 years ago.

God then brought two godly men to carry out the vision of a Deaf school and church in 1998. Pastor Jacob connected with Pastor Jeff Jackson of the Bakersfield Deaf Church in California. Together they prayed, planned, and developed a proposal for a very humble Haiti church on the front porch of Jacob’s home.

God blessed Jacob’s teaching and the Haitian Deaf fellowship that frequented his porch. For a decade, the Deaf community gave what little money they had to sustain the ministry. Together they bought the land where the first cardboard structure, a one room dwelling, housed both a Deaf church and school (established in 2012).

About Us: History


Since that time, American Deaf and hearing churches have partnered in the support of the humble beginnings pioneered by Pastor Jacob. Without the unity of the Deaf and hearing communities around the United States coming together, the Deaf church and school in Haiti would not be a reality today. Currently, those working day in and day out at the Deaf school and church are themselves Deaf. Many of the improvements and special projects accomplished on the church and school grounds have given employment opportunities to the Deaf community.





Love Deaf Haiti, Inc. was born out of the faithful prayers and vision of three Deaf men. God used the partnership of Pastor Jacob of Les Cayes, Haiti and Pastor Jeff Jackson of the Deaf Church in Bakersfield CA. These Deaf men were the original pioneers to carry out the God given vision of a Deaf Church/School in Les Cayes, Haiti.




Pastor Jacob was joined by a talented and highly motivated Deaf man by the name of Donalt Charles. He brought to the ministry a vision and passion for the Deaf School/Church in Les Cayes, , Haiti.




After preaching from his porch for 10 years and scrimping and saving; Pastor Jacob and two close friends bought land and built a temporary wooden structure. This effort, joined by a well established missions Haiti organization M.E.B.S.H (Missions Evangelical Baptist Southern Haiti) brought foundation and credibility to the existing Deaf Church/School.

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