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How many children are currently at the school?


There are over 30 Deaf children enrolled in Eglise Chretienne Des Sourds Du Sud D’Haiti De Cambry (ECSSHC/ MEBSH) in Les Cayes, Haiti. We have Deaf students up to 5th grade, with the hopes of expanding as the students succeed. 

How many Deaf leaders currently oversee the Deaf school/church?


Our Deaf leadership team is made up of two Deaf pastors. This includes Pastor Jacob Saumais, our lead pastor and headmaster and Pastor Donalt Charles, our resident advisor.


How many Deaf staff are currently at the school?


We have over 20 Deaf staff employed at the school. This includes 6 teachers who care, mentor and teach our Deaf students daily. Additional Deaf staff includes teacher aids, dorm parents, interpreters, cooks, mechanic, and maintenance. The staff are all believers and very invested in our students.


What is the greatest need for Deaf people in Haiti?


Our desire is to make the Gospel known to Deaf people in Haiti in their heart language, native sign language

(a mix of Creole, French and English) so that they may know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. 

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