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Due to continuous turmoil in Haiti food shortage has become a major problem, especially for the Deaf community.


Our local Deaf staff have witnessed the dire need for food in the Deaf community surrounding our school and church. Many haven't had a meal for several days and are literally starving. Our desire is to hand out food packs to Deaf families/people in need. 


WE NEED YOUR HELP! Each food pack costs $33.00 and will include non-perishables such as rice, beans and oil that will sustain Deaf families for a month. If you're interested in donating, click the donate button below. Any amount will help! 

*Venmo and Paypal be sure to write Food Crisis in the description box below. For check please be sure to specify in the memo.

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Our goal is to find a sustainable solution to help end the food crisis for the Deaf people in our community.


Our desire is to start a farm project. Not only will this make food more accessible to the Deaf people in the community, it will also provide opportunities for our Deaf staff and students to learn sustainable agricultural skills.This will allow them to provide for themselves in the future. In order to do this, we need to buy land. If you are interested in donating towards land for our farm project, click the donate button.

*Venmo and Paypal be sure to write Farm Project in the description box below. For check please be sure to specify in the memo.



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We are so grateful for all who have donated towards the urgent food crisis in Haiti. Because of your generous donations we have been able to purchase some of the food and supplies necessary to distribute to the Deaf community in Les Cayes, Haiti to help end this food crises. We would appreciate continued prayer and financial support as we meet the needs of the Deaf families and share the love of Christ.  

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