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Our school, Eglise Chretienne Des Sourds Du Sud D’Haiti De Cambry (ECSSHC/ MEBSH) is located Les Cayes, Haiti. We currently have about 30 Deaf students enrolled in classes that come from all over the country. 


We have six Deaf teachers who are high-school graduates, college is not available to Deaf people in Haiti. All our teachers are believers and are very invested in our students. We are grateful for the love and care they show our Deaf students. 



While in school our Deaf students live on campus 24/7. Commonly, their parents do not pay for school or support their physical needs while they are in school. Some of our students have special needs in addition to their deafness. Therefore we provide three meals a day, a consistent education, and a safe place to sleep at night. 


Currently we have classes that are being taught through 5th grade. It is our desire and hope to go to higher levels as the students grow and show success.

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